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Are you struggling with not understanding why your team isn't producing effectively?

Are you ready to position yourself for consideration for that promotion you've had your eye on?

Sounds like you're ready to invest in your leadership growth with 1:1 coaching. Let's chat about what that looks like. 

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Live2Lead Leadership Coaching is here to help you tap into your leadership potential!

Throughout our time together, we will focus on...

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Building confidence in decision making

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Understanding your leadership style

Balancing Stones

Incorporating wellness into your professional development

Enrollment into 1:1 coaching is on a rolling basis with an option of a 12 week accelerator or full 12 month support.

Each coaching session we will focus on a different aspect of your professional development, starting with completing an assessment that will help you understand your leadership style.

In our time together, I will provide you with some amazing, valuable content. You will be empowered with skills that you can use for the rest of your leadership career. 

Check out the content you receive that will empower you to be an amazing leader...


The PeopleMap System is an assessment tool that helps you know your leadership style and understand how it relates to your communication style and engagement with others. 

You will receive my How to Manage as a New Manager Workbook for free! This workbook is filled with activities to help you achieve your leadership goals.


Along with:

  • Access to a 1 hour, pre-recorded manager training that you can watch at anytime during the 24-weeks

  • bi-weekly video coaching calls/1 hour or weekly video sessions for the 12-week accelerator

  • Email support between calls

  • In-person coaching session for last session (if location and conditions permit)

  • Access to quarterly, private, intensive mastermind sessions

Understand this...

  • Investing in your leadership skills outside of your work environment is going to make you a better leader.

  • Understanding your own leadership style and the personality types of those that you lead will help alleviate the struggle of leading a team that isn't performing well. 

  • Focusing on your wellness will help keep you feel balanced and less overwhelmed.

  • You WILL reach your top leadership potential if you begin to invest in your own development. you want to stay where you're at, or are you ready to take the leap?

After this program you will be able to:

-Increase the performance of your team

-Position yourself for a higher leadership role

-Have a better work/life balance

This program is FOR you if:

  • You are in a leadership position

  • You are aspiring to be in a leadership position

  • You are struggling with leading and engaging with your team

  • You are in leadership and want to position yourself for a higher leadership role

This program is NOT FOR you if:

  • You are not ready to actively learn new skills

  • You are not financially ready to invest

  • You are not in a position to be able to put in the time it takes to build up a high performing team


"As a new manager, I appreciate the great advice and the help with adjusting to my new role"

                              - Barb L.

Fraud Senior Specialist-Senior Manager Nurse Coder

"I enjoyed my coaching sessions as it was an opportunity to for me to grow as a leader. I was provided with feedback and tools to not only utilize at my place of work but in daily life as well. I would suggest anyone who is advancing to the next level, to take advantage of this opportunity."

                                           -Akeya K.

Professional Counselor-Supervisor


How can I get reimbursed from my employer for this coaching package? This would be a question to have directly with your employer. I will provide you with documentation that can support you with having that conversation with your company. Schedule a consultation with me for more information.

During the 24-weeks, what if I can't have my coaching sessions during the day? My coaching package is geared directly towards working professionals and I understand that working hours are typically daylight. My coaching sessions are aimed to start after 5pm weekdays and between 11-6 on the weekends.

Do I have access to you after the 24-weeks are over? I love hearing about successes after completion of the program, so I'm always open to discussion after completion of the 24-weeks. As far as coaching specific support, scheduling another consultation would be the next step.

Other questions? Email me at