Are you struggling with not understanding why your team isn't producing effectively?

Are you experiencing a lack of confidence in your decision-making skills that are resulting in you second-guessing yourself?

Confused as to where your professional development is currently taking you because your focus is lacking due to managing constant day-to-day stress?

If this sounds familiar to what you are experiencing right now, don't worry because you're not alone. I remember when I began my journey in leadership in 2010. I always had the drive to want to be in leadership positions, but I didn't have the skills needed to be successful. I failed several times due to not knowing my own leadership style and how to successfully lead others. This impacted my confidence and caused me to constantly second-guess my decision making. It wasn't until I started investing in my own professional development when I began to understand what it takes to be a leader. 

Understand this...

  • Not working on improving your leadership skills outside of your work environment is not going to make you a better leader.

  • You're going to continue to struggle with leading a productive team if you don't understand your own leadership style and the personality types of others.

  • Not focusing on your wellness is going to keep you feeling unbalanced and overwhelmed.

  • You're not going to be able to reach your top leadership potential if you don't begin to invest in your own development.

It's time to invest in your own leadership and professional development.

Live2Lead Leadership Coaching is here to help you tap into your leadership potential!

My 24-week coaching package covers...

Building confidence in decision making

Understanding your leadership style

Incorporating wellness into professional development

Enrollment into this coaching package will begin on June 1, 2020. Each coaching session we will focus on a different aspect of your professional development, starting with completing an assessment that will help you understand your leadership style.

During the 24-weeks, you have access to the following:

Along with:

12 video coaching calls/1 hr (every 2 weeks)

Email/text support between calls

In-person coaching session for last session (if location permits)

After this program you will be able to:

-Understand your leadership style

-Make well informed, confident decisions

-Incorporate wellness into your daily leadership role

This program is FOR:

  • Newer managers (1-3 years experience)

  • Managers struggling with leading and engaging with  their team

  • Managers on performance improvement plans

  • Managers wanting to improve their leadership skills to be able to move to the next level

This program is NOT FOR:

  • Anyone who in not in a leadership position

  • Someone looking for a coach to help with career change

  • Someone not ready to put in the time it takes to develop effective leadership skills


There are 3 payment options available for this package. Also, my coaching services have the ability to be reimbursable by your employer. JUST ASK ME HOW!


"As a new manager, I appreciate the great advice and the help with adjusting to my new role"

                              - Barb L.

Fraud Senior Specialist-Senior Manager Nurse Coder

"I enjoyed my coaching sessions as it was an opportunity to for me to grow as a leader. I was provided with feedback and tools to not only utilize at my place of work but in daily life as well. I would suggest anyone who is advancing to the next level, to take advantage of this opportunity."

                                                 -Akeya K.

Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Meet Colby

My passion for helping new and upcoming managers comes from my own personal experiences. While working in the mental health field, my leadership path took me from a direct care worker to a lower-level supervisor within a year; from a team leader to a director in less than 1 year. I have experience in going from working with my peers to supervising my peers, and being completely clueless as to what it meant to be a leader. I had the natural talent to lead but lacked the skills that I needed to lead effectively. 

I finally made the decision to invest in developing y own leadership skills outside of what was provided to me at work. When I began to do that, I started to show improvements in my confidence and decision making more than I even could of imagined. After experiencing that growth, and helping others grow as leaders too, it lead me to identifying my passions.

Becoming a leadership coaching has been one of the most  rewarding jobs I have ever done, and I can't wait to share my passion with you!


How can I get reimbursed from my employer for this coaching package? This would be a question to have directly with your employer. I provide documentation as proof of enrollment into the coaching package that would be given to the employer for reimbursement.

During the 24-weeks, what if I can't have my coaching sessions during the day? My coaching package is geared directly towards working professionals and I understand that working hours are typically daylight. My coaching sessions are aimed to start after 5pm weekdays and between 11-6 on the weekends.

Do I have access to you after the 24-weeks are over? I love hearing about successes after completion of the program, so I'm always open to discussion after completion of the 24-weeks. As far as coaching specific support, scheduling another consultation would be the next step.

I want to invest, but 24-weeks may be too long. Are there other options? Yes! I also offer a 12-week accelerated version of the 1:1 coaching package.

Other questions? Email me at


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