Young Leaders

Let's give our youth the opportunity to learn important skills that they can begin to implement now!

The Young Leaders program is designed to give youth (12+) the opportunity to learn leadership skills outside of a school setting. Live2Lead provides learning in a fun environment that keeps our Young Leaders focused and engaged.

What I teach...

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication skills

  • Dealing with others

  • Good decision making

  • Accountability


Program Details

4-Saturday Mornings for 4-Weeks

1.5 hour sessions

Convenient locations close to Pittsburgh

Offered 4 times throughout the year

Sessions geared towards youth 12+

Interactive/Safe environment

Snacks and drinks provided

Leadership certificates issued at completion of sessions


Female Softball Team

Live2Lead offers Young Sports Leaders sessions specifically designed around youth that play sports and want to be ahead of the game mentally.

These sessions are offered 2 times a year and follow the same guidelines mentioned for Young Leaders.

These courses focus specifically on what it means to be a leader or captain of a team, and how to manage the pressure that comes along with it.

Live2Lead teaches emotional intelligence, builds confidence, and shows youth how to support their teammates through fun and engaging activities.

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